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GLSE encompasses two major education activities in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine – Graduate Education and Undergraduate Education in the Life Sciences including Arts and Science and other interdivisional teaching.  GLSE also oversees the activities of the Department of Teaching Labs (DTL).  GLSE advocates for graduate and undergraduate students and promotes innovative education in the heart of Canada’s largest health care research hub.

Nov 29, 2021
Samantha Z. Yammine was honoured to be named on Toronto Life Magazine's Top 50 list of most influential people in Toronto for 2021 for her science communication work on social media.  She has put her heart and soul and brain into trying to make the science of Covid a little less over-whelming.
Nov 19, 2021
We invite you to view our Education Achievement Awards microsite which features our many remarkable faculty awardees from across our Temerty Faculty of Medicine education programs. 
Nov 17, 2021
Virtual celebration recognizing GLSE’s Class of Fall 2021. The presentation features special remarks from Dr. Justin Nodwell and other members of the Temerty Medicine community congratulating our soon-to-be alumni on this momentous occasion. It closes with a photo slideshow featuring images of our graduates reflecting on their time as students in the Temerty Faculty of Medicine. Congratulations to all graduates on their achievements!

Undergraduate Ambassador Seungmin Lee
Undergraduate Department: Pharmacology and Toxicology

LSCDS Mentorship Program - Mentee Applications

Undergraduate Ambassador Samuel Kogan
Undergraduate Department: Laboratory Medicine & Pathobiology

TorontoLife: The Influentials 2021 Samantha Yammine

GLSE Talks: One Minute Video Competition Winner - Anne van der Meij (Biochemistry Postdoc)

Dirt(y) microbes save the day! Dying soil is an invisible crisis at our feet and endangers our food supply. However, with the help of billions of microbes, that largely determine soil chemistry, we'll be able to take control.
Anne Van der Meij