Lu Yi (Lina) Li, Laboratory Medicine and Pathbiology

Lu Yu (Lina) Li
Lu Yi (Lina) Li

Student’s Name: Lu Yi (Lina) Li
Year of Study: Third year

Undergraduate Department: Laboratory medicine and pathobiology
Country of Residence: Canada

Why Temerty Faculty of Medicine:
UofT’s Temerty Faculty of Medicine is truly inspiring and innovative. Here we get to learn more about the field of healthcare and that is what I am passionate about. There are many resources in this Faculty and it definitely provides the most rewarding experience you will get.

Why this Department:
I want to learn more about the laboratory portion of the science field, and also learn about the human body. This department allows me to do both and I love the courses I am taking.

Current Research Experience:  I am currently working in Dr. Ronald Cohn’s lab as a summer student, assisting in the investigation of a novel linkage between genetic disorders. I am grateful and fortunate to have lovely colleagues working with me on a topic that I am interested in.

Future Education Plans and/or Career Goals: I haven’t decided on my future plans yet but I am leaning towards graduate school. I really do have passion for research and am eager to learn more!