Graduate Professional Development

The core of the graduate professional development (GPD) program run by Dr. Nana Lee  include three steps: 1) reflection, 2) meaningful engagement and 3) strategic communications. These concepts are taught in her GPD course in the Departments of Biochemistry , Immunology, Molecular Genetics, Physiology, Pharmacology-Toxicology, and IMS.

GPD empowers the student to create meaningful engagements with their research and be market-ready, regardless of discipline and career goals.

GPD offered by GLSE include the following programs.

  1. Consultations with Dr. Nana Lee
  2. Designing Your Life Workshop
  3. PhD Leaders Program
  4. Best Practices in Mentorship Annual Meetings
  5. Ongoing workshops announced throughout the year

    Resources include
  6. "Success After Graduate School"
  7. Blog by Dr. Nana Lee
  8. AAAS Individual Development Plan
  9. CIHR Individual Development Plan