Pursuit of a career in physical therapy was the perfect path for Kiah, her love of learning, and her drive to help others. Early on in her studies Kiah developed a keen interest in the health sciences, in particular human movement and the effects of physical activity on health. She began her journey by completing her Honours Specialization Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Western University.

Adeel Alam, MHSc in Clinical Engineering, 2013

Thesis: Development of a Housing over an Ultrasound Probe used to Monitor Coagulation during Prostate Cancer Treatment

Supervisor: Robert Weersink, Assistant Professor (Radiation Oncology with x-appt to IBBME)

Amir Manbachi, PhD in Biomedical Engineering (clinical engineering concentration), 2015
Thesis: On the Development of a 2MHz Radial Imaging Ultrasound Array for Potential Use in Guiding Pedicle Screw Insertion
Supervisor: Professor Emeritus Richard Cobbold

Student Name: Lisa Chan
Program: Master of Health Science, Speech-Language Pathology

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