Yiran Zhou, Biochemistry

Yiran Zhou

Why Temerty Faculty of Medicine:
The Temerty Faculty of Medicine is known for being at the forefront of medical research and innovation. This provides unparalleled education and training opportunities, allowing students to explore various interests. Personally, I appreciate the flexibility to combine and switch between multiple programs as you progress through your degree.

Why this Department:
I chose the Department of Biochemistry because its courses and research opportunities provide a strong foundation for future studies. Upper-year courses focus on fundamental cellular processes, such as protein homeostasis or signalling pathways, that are applicable in various biological contexts. Biochemistry specialists have access to research early on in the form of MGY280 and dedicated faculty mentors who accompany them through their years in the program. Additionally, specialists and majors can take a full-year project course (BCH374 or BCH473) as part of their degree. I am interested in how signalling pathways go awry in disease, so the research areas in the department were also a perfect fit.

Current Research Experience:
I am a student in the lab of Dr. Liliana Attisano working to characterize hPSC-derived lung organoids.

I am also a research assistant at the Azrieli Adult Neurodevelopmental Centre under the supervision of Dr. Hsiang-Yuan Lin. There, I have a project investigating the feasibility of neuroimaging studies in autistic youth and support a clinical trial on the use of nabilone for managing aggressive behaviour.

Future Education Plans and/or Career Goals:
After undergrad, I hope to continue my education in medical and/or graduate school.

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