Xavier Lee, Physiology

Xavier LeeXavier Lee Year of Study: 1
Student’s Name: Xavier LeeGraduate Department: Physiology
Country of ResidenceCanada

Why Faculty of Medicine
The University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine has a considerable national reputation for biomedical research and the caliber of its investigators was made very apparent to me during my undergraduate studies here. This, along with its connection to top research hospitals and innovative facilities in the vibrant city of Toronto made it the clear choice for me to pursue my graduate education.

Why this Department
During my undergrad I developed a great interest in cardiovascular disease from the department of Physiology’s courses. This was thanks in no small part to its instructors, most of whom were not only engaging lecturers but also approachable ones. This approachability was also characteristic of its graduate student community, through which I was able to get exposure to lab work and student life in the department. With an entire platform dedicated to cardiovascular studies and a lively community of both researchers and students, I was confident that this was the department for me to pursue a PhD in.

Current Research Experience
I study the mechanisms of fibrosis in right ventricular heart failure from the whole organ down to the cellular level in Dr. Kim Connelly’s lab at the Li Ka Shing Knowledge institute.

Future Education Plans and/or Career Goals
My current interests tend towards non-academic industries following my graduate education with a particular focus on communications and consulting.

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