What is in GEMS?

What is in GEMS?

GEMS contains a Student/Supervisor Agreement Form for each Faculty of Medicine Graduate Department.  Each Graduate Unit produces an internal award policy, which the Agreement Form conforms with.  The agreement from the student, supervisor and graduate unit indicates intent to abide by the terms and provisions of the Agreement Form.

Information from ROSI/ACORN (student information service) is imported into GEMS each evening.  As this data resides in ROSI/ACORN, it is for display only.  Any changes to the awards, registration or person information will then need to be made on ROSI/ACORN and will be reflected on GEMS the next day. 

Students with INVITE and REG status on ROSI will appear on GEMS.  Students with outstanding conditional offers should be cleared before an agreement form can be approved.

At present, an agreement form is not required for students in professional Master’s programs as they are not part of the guaranteed funded cohort. 

GEMS has the capability for the application to expand to support future plans such as evaluation frameworks, awards module, and further process automation.