THE500 Program for Ph.D. Students

Molecular Genetics

THE500H Teaching in Higher Education, specifically designed for UofT Ph.D. students and Post-Doctoral Fellows (PDFs) interested in teaching careers in higher education. In THE500H you will improve your teaching practice by becoming more knowledgeable about the ways in which students learn and about different teaching theories and styles. Course participants will experience and take part in a variety of teaching situations, from small group work to more formal lecture sessions. Ample opportunity will be given to participants to reflect on the course as it progresses and on their own teaching and learning experiences.

The success of THE500 depends on participants' willingness to share experiences, successes and frustrations with in-class and on-line instruction. Each THE500H session also acts as a "laboratory" in which participants work cooperatively - sometimes in a teaching role, sometimes in a learner role. Therefore, enrolment in THE500H is restricted to senior PhD students and post-doctoral fellows who have already had classroom experience (e.g., as a teaching assistant or as a course instructor). Priority will also be given to students who have participated in TATP workshops through CTSI, as these are considered "recommended preparation" for THE500H.

THE500H is provided free of charge, and upon completion students will receive an official letter from the university confirming their completion of THE500H, with a brief description of its content. The course itself will not appear on your School of Graduate Studies transcript; however, THE500H counts as four credits towards the requirements of Centre for Graduate Professional Development (CGPD) and this program does show on students' transcripts. GPS is a new initiative from the School of Graduate Studies that provides doctoral stream students with a range of opportunities for professional skills development. Please visit their website for further details.

Here are a few comments from past years' student evaluations:

"The course was really very helpful in clarifying and articulating my approach to teaching and in addressing my concerns about entering this career and finding a position."
"THE500 encouraged me to step back and assess where I was headed in my career, and tackle some of the questions that need to be pondered when one is working toward being a part of the teaching profession."
"This course was invaluable to me as I embark upon searching for jobs. I now realize teaching is not just about relating information, dates, or facts, but also about engaging students critically and in a meaningful way."
"This course has given me the skills, tools and resources to teach with greater confidence."

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Reina Shishikura
Program Coordinator
Professional & International Programs
Woodsworth College
University of Toronto