Temerty Graduate Entrance Scholarships

Our graduate students are the driving forces of Temerty Medicine’s research endeavour. Our goal is to provide a sophisticated, research-based education to outstanding students who will progress to careers in scientific leadership. Maintaining our position as an international leader in the health sciences depends on attracting the best and brightest minds to our laboratories. We need to ensure the Temerty Faculty of Medicine is the top choice for prospective Canadian thesis-based graduate students. 

The Temerty Graduate Entrance Scholarships, established in 2022, provide a mechanism to attract the highest quality domestic candidates to our graduate programs. The Temerty Entrance Scholarships are awarded to top graduate candidates in any of the research-based graduate programs in Temerty Medicine. The first cohort of Temerty recipients was awarded in September 2022 for the 22-23 academic year.  These awards will be funded and administered by the Temerty Faculty of Medicine and are awarded directly to the winners, above and beyond the harmonized student’s stipend.

  • This is a two-year pilot project effective September 2022.
  • We will offer at least 10 awards/annum for a total of 20 awards during the pilot period. 


  • $10,000 - 2 installments of $5,000 (September and January). 


  • These awards are only available to incoming domestic applicants of the highest caliber (top 1%) in the thesis-based MSc/PhD graduate programs at the Temerty Faculty of Medicine (Canadian citizens and landed immigrants).
  • These awards are restricted September admission.
  • Professional Masters students and those applying for the Master of Health Science programs are not eligible.