Sareh Bayatpour, Biochemistry

Sareh BayatpourSareh Bayatpour Year of Study: 1st year
Student's Name: Sareh Bayatpour
Graduate Department: Biochemistry

Country of Origin: Shiraz, Iran
Country of Residence: Canada, Ontario, Richmond Hill
Pre-MSc/PhD Education: BSc in Chemistry, MSc in physical chemistry, MSc in material Science

Recent Research Experience:
My most recent research experience, prior to join University of Toronto as the PhD student, is the research assistantship at University of Pennsylvania, Bioengineering Department, Dr. Arjun Raj lab. We developed new tools for quantitative understanding of cellular function and molecular process underlying biological systems.  Using click chemistry we developed a non-enzymatic method in which the fluorescence signals are amplified. We also used a combination of experimental and bioinformatics analysis to understand the regulators of gene expression variability that drive drug resistance in melanoma.

Current Research:
General overview of my PhD project is to investigate the genotypic and phenotypic features of different mutations associated with inflammatory bowling diseases (IBDs). We are in the process of the gene correction in knocked out cell line and also mutated zebrafish. Taking advantage from CRISPR-Cas9 technique, we break double strand DNA of defective gene at specific location and engineer donor DNA to increase the occurrence of DNA repair. Moreover,
using different methods, I am trying to increase the efficiency of transfection in intestinal organoids grown from stem cells.

Why Faculty of Medicine:
I chose the Faculty of Medicine to become part of a health network systems related to human health and disease. I have always been passionate to study working mechanism of biomolecules and organisms in the cells and to find out the fundamental processes that make up the life. I believe department of biochemistry at the university of Toronto is one of the best for cultivating talents, and I think it would be a great privilege for me to experience this high-level of research and learning.

Future Education Plans and/or Career Goals

My goal is to gain skills and experiences to ultimately establish my own lab in gene-based therapeutic and expand this area of knowledge.

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