Sarah Jarvis, Nutritional Sciences

Sarah JarvisSarah Jarvis Year of Study: Msc, first year
Student’s Name: Sarah Jarvis

Graduate Department: Nutritional Sciences
Country of Residence: Canada

Why Faculty of Medicine:
The Faculty of Medicine at University of Toronto provides a world-class learning environment providing exposure to, and the opportunity to explore, pertinent scientific challenges in medicine. The Faculty of Medicine offers many opportunities to learn from leading experts in their fields and to network and study alongside a community of innovative researchers at the frontline of research in the diverse field of medicine.

Why this Department:
The multidisciplinary nature of nutritional sciences is what draws many people to the field, and this is well-demonstrated by the highly diverse research activities in our department. I chose nutritional sciences because I am passionate about the concept of food as medicine and about studying nutrition for the prevention and treatment of disease on a global level. I am delighted to have joined a department of nutrition scientists whose research aligns with this, and whose work I have followed and been inspired by for years. The Nutritional Sciences Department at the University of Toronto is a highly collaborative and supportive group that fosters great learning opportunities and engagement in and outside of the lab.

Current Research Experience:
My research focuses on dietary patterns and cardiometabolic health outcomes. I am studying how different dietary patterns are associated with obesity and cardiometabolic risk in two prospective cohorts of Canadian children. I am also conducting a systemic review on plant-based diets and cardiometabolic risk in adults, investigating the association between the level of adherence to a plant-based diet and type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cardiovascular disease risk factors.

Future Education Plans and/or Career Goals:
Since starting my MSc, my passion for research has grown and confirmed my plans to pursue research further. I hope to pursue a career where I can continue to conduct research in nutritional sciences and use my knowledge and skills gained in graduate studies to contribute to the field of lifestyle medicine to ultimately reduce the prevalence of cardiometabolic diseases and improve the health of individuals.

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