Salma Sheikh-Mohamed, Immunology

Salma Sheikh-MohamedSalma Sheikh-Mohamed Year of Study: 1st year PhD
Student’s Name: Salma Sheikh-Mohamed

Graduate Department: Immunology
Country of Residence: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Why this Department? I chose the immunology department at the University of Toronto because of the strong, multidisciplinary research conducted here. The opportunities provided by this department aligned strongly with my research goals, and I appreciated how flexible and accommodating the program was, as well as the collaborative and welcoming spirit.
Current Research Experience: My current research is focused on the role of IgA+ plasma cells in providing protection at mucosal sites of infection. My project is interested in using imaging mass cytometry (IMC) in combination with more common techniques such as flow cytometry and immunofluorescence to determine the presence, location, frequency and function of these immune cells.

Education Plans and/or Career Goals: In the future I would like to continue working with and researching infectious diseases, as well as work to improve access to and understanding of scientific literature.

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