Ruilin Wu, Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology

Ruilin WuRuilin Wu Year of Study: 1
Student’s Name: Ruilin Wu

Graduate Department: Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology
Country of Residence: Canada

Why Faculty of Medicine:
I have chosen the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto for my graduate training, because of its history and reputation of quality scientific research programs. It is also located at the downtown Toronto area, surrounded by several big hospitals, numerous healthcare firms and start-up incubators.

Why this Department:
The Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology is a highly diverse and interdisciplinary department. It is equipped with diverse fields of expertise and technologies, which facilitates and supports scientific collaboration. In addition, another important aspect that attracts me to this department is its focus on bridging basic scientific research and clinical applications.

Current Research Experience:
My current project focuses on elucidating the molecular pathology of brain arteriovenous malformation (bAVM), which is a disorder characterized by the development of abnormal vessel connections in the brain. These abnormal connections are prone to rupture, leading to serious health consequences, including hemorrhagic stroke in children and young adults. Recent discovery of KRAS mutations in patient-derived brain endothelial cells suggested a potential molecular cause underlying bAVM pathogenesis, which is largely unknown previously. Our lab aims to use various molecular and proteomic techniques to unravel the aberrant signaling events in human brain endothelial cells associated with mutant KRAS activity. We also aim to understand how these aberrant signaling events contribute to altered endothelial cell functions and dysregulated vascular development in the brain.

Future Education Plans and/or Career Goals:
After my graduate training, my plan is to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry and continuing scientific research in the industry.

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