Richard Horner PhD

Richard L. HornerExcellence in Linking Undergraduate Life Sciences Teaching to Research Award

Departments of Medicine (Respirology) and Physiology
Canada Research Chair in Sleep and Respiratory Neurobiology

Context(s) for Award:
Excellence and leadership in creating and providing research experiences for undergraduate students, and linking to undergraduate and graduate courses.

Dr. Horner received his BSc (University of Sheffield, UK, 1996) and PhD in Physiology (University of London, UK, 1991), followed by postdoctoral fellowships at University of Toronto (1991-1994) and University of Pennsylvania (1994-1997). He is Director of a CIHR Research and Training Program - Sleep and Biological Rhythms Toronto - and of a Collaborative Research Program in Sleep, Sedation and Anaesthetic Sciences.  To complement his research, Dr. Horner developed and leads a comprehensive teaching program in sleep sciences spanning undergraduate and graduate courses, post-graduate education and publishing education-related papers. He has received the Department of Physiology’s ‘Undergraduate Small Class Teaching Award’ (2011) and the ‘Excellence in Teaching’ award (2005). Dr. Horner has published over 100 research papers, and has trained twenty-two undergraduate students in research. Many of these have published papers, and become graduate students in his (or in collaborating) laboratories.

When I started my faculty position at the University of Toronto there was no, or minimal, teaching in sleep physiology at any level. Accordingly I established the first coordinated program in this area at this University. I am committed to going beyond simply delivering material to students, and attempt to push the envelope in the integration of education, research and scholarly academic activity. Trainees are involved at every level and drive many of the initiatives. Ideas are a great equalizer and do not recognize rank. Often the best ideas come from trainees.