Reuben Samson

Reuben SamsonReuben Samson Full Name: Reuben Samson
Country of Origin: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Education: Hon. B.Sc. in Fundamental Genetics & Immunology, University of Toronto

Recent Research Experience: I spent the last 2 years of my Undergraduate focusing on the binding specificity of RNA-binding proteins in Dr. Timothy Hughes' lab. I started my first few months in the lab by making stocks, keeping things clean and tidy before eventually taking the next few years to study specific subsets of RNA-binding proteins.

Current Research: Since being exposed to the Department of Molecular Genetics during my Undergraduate at UofT, I was determined to stay and develop my understanding of what makes the cell tick. As a January 2017 entrant into the program, I am currently pursuing my M.Sc. in Dr. Anne-Claude Gingras' lab where my research focuses to uncover the global proteome changes that occur during somatic cell reprogramming.

Why Faculty of Medicine?: Simple, the outstanding research being produced by World Class Researchers. In my short time here at UofT, I was thoroughly impressed with the variety of research focuses and the distinguished Professors and Graduates from the Faculty. I was keen on staying at UofT due to its worldwide recognition and sense of collaboration. The rotation system within the Department of Molecular Genetics also allowed me to be more comfortable with my decision and that I can say that I made a good choice in my Graduate studies.

Future Plans: Although it is quite early on, the shining star at the end of the road would be to have Professor next to my name. That being said, I’m going to continue my pursuit in academia while also keeping my options open in the coming years.

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