Research Excursions

Research Excursions

The 398/399 Research Excursions provides an opportunity for Arts & Science (St. George) degree students in their third year (i.e., after completing at least 9 but not more than 14 credits) to participate in a practical or experiential activity under the supervision of a faculty member. The practical, experiential component can take the form of research/learning in archives, laboratories, libraries, or in a field camp, etc.—but not in a classroom at another university (that is covered by the Faculty’s summer abroad and exchange programs). The projects run within the May-August period, when both Faculty and students would be able to make the time commitments necessary. Regular tuition fees apply.

Each 398H0/399Y0 has a program-specific designator, such as ANT, CLA, CSB, VIC, etc., and would be eligible to count towards program completion if the program sponsor (Chair or Director) so chooses. A limited number of 398H0/399Y0 courses are available each year. Faculty supervisors propose the projects and choose the students who apply.

Students must also attend a Safety Abroad Seminar. Descriptions of the projects are available on the Faculty's web site in early February.

Applications are available online and must be emailed to the supervising instructor by late February (due date indicated on the website). Students are informed in mid-March whether they have been accepted. Successful applicants are registered by the 399 office.

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