Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

Provost's Postdoctoral Fellowships

Award overview

Applicant deadline to Temerty Faculty
of Medicine, OVDRHSE
Wednesday, March 1, 2023 
5:00pm (EDT)
Required Legal Status: Domestic and International
Results: End of May/early June


The University of Toronto Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellowship program provides funding to Graduate Faculties to increase opportunities for hiring postdoctoral fellows from underrepresented groups, specifically Indigenous and Black researchers. These fellowships will enable postdoctoral researchers to grow their scholarly profiles, undertake academic work at the University of Toronto, and strengthen the research environment at the University with diverse perspectives.

This funding is designed to help the University compete with peer institutions for top-tier candidates, and to support the University in meeting its institutional goal of fostering increased diversity and representation at all levels of teaching, learning and research. Nominees must be nominated by their prospective Faculties/divisions following the timeline and processes outlined below. While the nomination/application process will normally begin with faculty advisors/mentors, funding for the successful nominees will be provided to their respective Faculty Research Office for administration.

Read about the recipients of the Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellows on the PPFP webpage.


Please submit your completed application to Yasman Mohammadzadeh.


For inquiries regarding registration with the Postdoctoral Office at SGS, please contact: Sarah Pickering, Postdoctoral Administrative Officer Postdoctoral Office, SGS at

Value & Duration

$70,000 per year to Faculties for up to two years


Please consult the detailed requirements on the Provost's Postdoctoral Fellowships website.

Application Information 

Applicants must be nominated by their Faculty (e.g., Faculty of Arts and Science) to SGS. Faculty Research Offices are asked to establish and communicate their internal application deadline and selection process before forwarding nominations to the School of Graduate Studies.

Potential nominees interested in the Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program should contact the nominating supervisor. ​ Supervisors wishing to support a candidate’s application must contact their graduate unit/department Chair and affiliated Faculty Research Office to inquire about the Faculty’s internal deadline and nomination process. Please refer to the Faculty Research Office contact information table below.

Faculty Research Offices are invited to submit a ranked nomination list and a nomination package for each nominee to the School of Graduate Studies at by the SGS deadline.

The nomination package for each nominee should be scanned as a single PDF file, containing all application materials in the order as listed below:

  • A support letter from the graduate unit/department Chair, as per the selection criteria above (maximum two pages). Be sure to clearly state in the letter, with which underrepresented group (Indigenous and/or Black) the nominee identifies;
  • A nomination letter from the faculty advisor/mentor, as per the selection criteria above;
  • Statement of research intent from the nominee (maximum two pages);
  • Nominee’s C.V. (no page restriction); and
  • A short personal biography of the/written by the /written by the nominee (150-words limit), which may be used on the SGS Postdoctoral Fellows website or other communications, should they be successfully selected as a Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellow.

Note: A draft engagement letter is no longer required for the nomination package.


Results of the competition will be made available and communicated to Faculty Research Offices in May 2022.