GLSE Vice Dean’s Monthly Lunch with Graduate Students

Dec 10, 2019
Vice Dean LunchDr. Allan S. Kaplan, Vice Dean of Graduate and Academic Affairs meets with Graduate Student on a monthly basis. These lunches allow him to have an opportunity to relate to students individually and to address any concerns they may have on graduate training.

Recipients of the 2019 Faculty of Medicine GSEF Merit Scholarships for International Students

Graduate Representation Committee members

Chunan Duan, Institute of Medical Science
Jeanne Inchauspe, Physiology
Lauren Tracey, Molecular Genetics
Martino Gabra, Pharmacology and Toxicology
Matthew Zatzman, Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology
Mohammad Amin Jebelli, Translational Research Program
Naomi Zingman-Daniels, Institute of Medical Science
Ningdi Feng Liu, Medical Biophysics
Sachin Kumar, Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology
Sam Ing Esteves, Molecular Genetics
Timothy Samuel, Medical Biophysics
Zhongmin Lin, Medical Biophysics