Martino Marco Gabra - Pharmacology and Toxicology

Martino GabraMartino Gabra PhD Candidate
Country of Origin: Cairo, Egypt
Pre-MSc/PhD Education: Hon. B.Sc. Specialist pharmacology at University of Toronto

Recent Research Experience:
My past research experiences have been focused in Molecular Pharmacology. Previously, I examined pharmacological chaperones and how they can help proteins fold to cure disease states.

Current Research:
I study microRNA networks in drug resistant leukemia. MicroRNAs are small non-coding RNAs that can suppress and degrade coding RNAs. By monitoring their evolution in the development of drug resistance, I intend to reveal deeper understanding of the nature of leukemia. This work largely entails the use of tissue culture cell samples and new methods of microRNA analysis.

Why Faculty of Medicine?
The Faulty of medicine gives students the perspective of researchers at the forefront of their field of choice while also offering exposure to a diverse set of topics in medicine. This exposure becomes ideal for students who wish to excel in research by gathering a knowledge-base in all the different areas of research without sacrificing depth in the student’s primary field of choice. The diverse student body itself ensures that the student is always exposed to researchers who can help hone each other’s desired skill set by acting as mentors and colleagues.

Future Education Plans and/or Career Goals:
Short term: I plan on completing my PhD at my current post with Dr. Salmena where I will continue to research the role of microRNA in drug resistant leukemia. This work will largely allow me to further develop my skill set as a biologist. This allows me to conduct research that can contribute to the improvement of health treatment while also answering fundamental scientific questions. By looking at drug resistance, I will further establish networks known in the development of drug resistance.

Long term: I am pursuing a career in research where I can eventually operate my own lab. Given my academic goal, I am confident that the faculty of medicine is the ideal faculty for me.

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