Martin Profant, Immunology

Martin Profant
Martin Profant

Student Name: Martin Profant
Year of Study and Programs:  3rd year Immunology Specialist and LMP specialist

Undergraduate Department: Immunology
Country of ResidenceMississauga, ON Canada

Why Temerty Faculty of Medicine:
I have always been fascinated by the workings of life on a molecular, cellular, and organismal level so deciding to study life science was a natural choice. I chose to attend the University of Toronto and the Temerty Faculty of Medicine primarily because of their world class research. The Temerty Faculty of Medicine at U of T has a long and rich history of hosting world class leaders and principal innovators in a variety of biomedical disciplines. I wanted to be a part of this tradition of strong research and excellence in teaching in order to lay a strong foundation for my career in biomedical research.

Why this department
I chose to study immunology and thus become a member of U of T’s Department of Immunology, because I am very interested in the workings of the immune system and its role in human health. I became inspired with the power of the immune system after learning about how it can be leveraged to fight cancer. I began reading more and more about the immune system in different contexts from the gut to its role in the brain, and I became intrigued by the mechanisms at play and its power for therapy. The Department of Immunology at U of T has been instrumental in nurturing my passion for immunology and science as whole. With a plethora of opportunities to engage in research alongside internationally recognized innovators, take courses on fascinating topics, and discuss immunological topics with professors at seminars, the Department of Immunology is a community that supports its student’s academic goals and allows them to discover a passion for immunology while helping them become the next generation of scientists and innovators.

Current research experience: I have had the pleasure to begin my research career in the lab of Dr. Chao Wang and engage in a field that I thoroughly enjoy! The Wang lab has interests in neuroimmunology with a focus on elucidating the mechanisms behind neuroinflammation and its role in various neurological diseases, with particular emphasis on understanding the metabolic circuitry of cells and tissues to design new and improved therapies. My project goal is to investigate the relevance of polyamine pathway dysregulation in meningeal inflammation and cortical atrophy in multiple sclerosis. With the support of everyone in the Wang lab, I have been able to make substantial progress on this goal while learning how to design and carry out experiments, perform lab procedures, and critically evaluate and analyze data. I am excited to learn even more and hopefully make some interesting discoveries along the way, when I return to the lab this fall. 

Future education goals and/or career plans: After completion of my undergraduate degree at U of T, I hope to pursue an MD/PhD with the ultimate goal of becoming a clinician-scientist. I’m excited to pursue this path as it will allow me to continue in research while also providing frontline care for patients. As a clinician-scientist I hope to innovate at the basic science level and bridge the gap to translational research, in the pursuit of providing better outcomes for patients.