Kari Crisolago, Speech-Language Pathology

Kari CrisolagoKari Crisolago Year of Study: Year 1 of MHSc
Name: Kari Crisolago
Graduate Department: Speech-Language Pathology
Country of Residence: Canada

Why Faculty of Medicine?
The University of Toronto’s Faculty of Medicine strives for an interprofessional learning environment for all its students. The ability to collaborate with other professions enhances healthcare and provides learning experiences that are unmatched.  Being a clinician that is knowledgeable and can easily collaborate with other professions is important to me.  Working within, this interprofessional environment provides me with the skills to do so. The large number of placement opportunities in the heart of Toronto offers a diverse and enriched learning experience. This faculty has a renowned reputation and it is an honor to be a student in it.

Why this department?
The Speech-Language Pathology department at the University of Toronto has an esteemed faculty whose world-class research and clinical experience is unparalleled. I chose this department as I wanted to learn from researchers and clinicians that are at the top of their field. I want to be a clinician that always strives for best practice, and this department holds evidence-based practice at the forefront of their program. The students within the program are from very different backgrounds and bring diverse knowledge into the program. This department is a team all working together and supporting each other to be strong future clinicians. Communication is a human right and to have colleagues and mentors who have similar passions as you is an incredible feeling.

Current Research Experience:
I am currently not taking part in any research. However, I do hope to begin my own research, or join other researchers once I have worked in the field as a clinician for a number of years. I think having clinical experience will provide me with more insight into the particular category of speech-language pathology that I am interested in. 

Current Education Plans and/or Career Goals:
I currently hold a B.Mus. and a M.Mus. in Voice Performance with a focus on Vocal Pedagogy from the University of Toronto. When I was completing my M.Mus. I was very interested in and had a deep connection to the anatomy and function of the voice, thus I pursued speech-language pathology. In the SLP program my passion for voice and voice disorders has flourished. As a future clinician, I hope to work in the area of voice disorders, as well as work specifically with professional voice users.

Though voice is where I have the most experience, my interests as an SLP do not stop there. The knowledge I gained during my current studies in the SLP department on child language has ignited my passion for literacy and advocating for school-aged children. It is extremely important that reading and writing be taught by evidence-based practice, and SLPs are the forefront of this knowledge. I have dedicated myself to a life of learning and using my voice to share evidence based practice, and I hope to do this in both

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