Kali Iyer, Molecular Genetics

Kali LyerKali Lyer Year: 3
Student’s Name: Kali Iyer

Graduate Department: Molecular Genetics
Country of Residence: Canada

Why Faculty of Medicine? I wanted to undertake graduate research in the Faculty of Medicine and the University of Toronto because it is a world renowned research institute located in the heart of a hub of biomedical advancement. The Faculty of Medicine is affiliated with nine research hospitals along with countless national and international collaborators both in industry and academia. All this made the Faculty of Medicine an enticing and exciting place to continue my studies.

Why this Department? I knew I was interested in pursuing a graduate degree, but when I finished my undergrad I was not sure what area of science I wanted to focus on. Molecular Genetics offered me the chance to rotate through several labs before making my final choice as well as an incredible breath of researchers to choose from. I was excited by all the incredible research going on in the Department as well as the collaborative and community atmosphere it fostered.

Current Research Experience: My current research focuses of discovering new drugs to treat emerging drug-resistant human fungal pathogens. Fungal pathogens are a major threat to people who are immunocompromised and are associated with high mortality rates. Unfortunately there is a limited arsenal for antibiotic intervention. My project looks at understanding the vulnerabilities of these new pathogens and uncovering new targets for antibiotic development.

Future Education Plans and/or Career Goals: I definitely want to stay close to science in my future career and be able to use my skills and love of science every day. While I do not think I will stay in Academia, I think it would be exciting to translate my skills to work for government in health policy or in medical consulting. Whatever career path I end up on, having it relate back to medicine and improving peoples lives is important to me.

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