Jesse Marshall-Sheppard, Biochemistry

Student Name:  Jesse Marshall-Sheppard
Department:  Biochemistry

Why did you Choose this Department?
I chose the Biochemistry department because I am fascinated by the way proteins work and the many jobs they do. I am an undergraduate summer research in the Watts Lab, under the supervision of Dr. Joel Watts. I came to be a part of this lab through a fourth year research project - one of the biochemistry department professors helped me apply. Dr. Watts' research focuses on prion diseases and the prion like qualities of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimers and Parkinson's. I chose the Watts lab because Dr. Watts was my favourite professor from my third year protein biochemistry course, and his research is fascinating and cutting edge. I really love working in this lab: the graduate students are friendly and very helpful, as is Dr. Watts, and this experience has shown me that research is definitely a possible career path for me. I am currently applying to both medical and graduate schools for september 2018.