Jenny Wolever, Physical Therapy

Jenny WoleverJenny Wolever Year of Study: 1
Student’s Name: Jenny Wolever
Graduate Department: Department of Physical Therapy

Country of Residence: Canada

Why Faculty of Medicine: I chose the Faculty of Medicine because of the professors’ commitment to excellence in teaching and the quality of the research they are conducting.

Why this Department: I chose the Department of Physical Therapy because I have always been fascinated by human movement and have enjoyed trying to analyze it. I am also passionate about helping individuals restore or improve their ability to move, as well as improve their overall quality of life. I believed the Department of Physical Therapy would teach me the necessary skills to pursue my passions. The University of Toronto has a renowned Physical Therapy program, and I was confident that it would prepare me for a future as a physiotherapist.

Current Research Experience: I am not currently taking part in any research; however, I am looking forward to starting a research project in the coming months. There is a research component to the curriculum that allows students to integrate learning with research, and I am excited to be starting that shortly.

Future Education Plans and/or Career Goals: There are many fields of practice open to physical therapists, and as I go through the program, I am trying to keep an open mind about which field would be the best fit for me. Therefore, while I plan on working as a physiotherapist after I graduate, I am not yet sure which area I want to pursue. I am also interested in the possibility of incorporating research into my future career path.

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