Graduate Student Wellness Grant (GSWG)

Purpose of Grant
This grant is established to encourage graduate students and faculty to work collectively, across departments, to facilitate student mental health and well-being by developing innovative and sustainable initiatives to improve the overall graduate student life experience in the Faculty of Medicine.

Eligibility and Terms of Funding
Any student registered in one of the 13 graduate departments in the Faculty of Medicine, regardless of degree program, are eligible to apply to this grant.  The GLSE Graduate Student Wellness Grant offers up to $10,000 per project, for up to 3 years, to fund initiatives that improve the student experience with an emphasis on mental health and wellbeing. GLSE will consider projects that request the higher level of funding (i.e.  $10,000) if the scope of the project warrants such support (e.g. 5 or more departments wish to collaborate on an initiative and request $10,000 over 3 years). The funds can be amortized over the duration of a project for up to 3 years. The project cannot be longer than 3 year. Collaboration with more than one graduate department is required and teams must include at least one faculty member. Please clearly state all the members (faculty and graduate students) involved in the submission.

Deadline and How to Submite pplication
A complete application, as described below, should be sent by email to Rachel Zulla, Graduate Affairs Officer, at The deadline for this first round of funding is Friday May 1, 2020.

How to Apply
There are 3 components that must be included in every submission to this grant

a) Letter of approval from Chairs of collaborating departments
The project must be approved by the Chairs of your departments, as documented in a Letter of Support, addressed to the Vice Dean, Graduate and Academic Affairs.  The letter should be addressed to Dr. Allan Kaplan, Vice Dean, Graduate and Academic Affairs and state the following

  • the departments applying for the grant
  • acknowledgement and confirmation the Chair(s) that departments support this initiative
  • any other relevant information the department(s) wishes to include

b) Project Proposal
The proposal for the intended project should be no more than 3 pages and must outline the following:

  1. Describe, in detail, the initiative being proposed, the issue(s) it will address and how this initiative will enhance student wellbeing.
  2. Provide concrete milestones that your team intends to accomplish, by year (YR), over the course of the project’s lifetime (e.g. 3 year project should outline milestones in YR1, YR2, and YR3).
  3. Outline how these milestones will be measured. Please include a timeline to accomplish these deliverables.
  4. Describe how your project will be sustainable. What mechanisms will be built into the project to ensure it will continue beyond your time here as a graduate student at the University of Toronto? 
  5. Please clearly state all the members (faculty and graduate students) involved in the submission.

c) Proposed Budget
Provide a proposed budget, outlining exactly how these funds will be utilized. No more than 10% of the total budget can be allocated for catering.

Completed packages will be reviewed by a committee made up of the Vice Dean, Graduate and Academic Affairs, at least 3 faculty, 2 students and 1 staff member. All applicants will be informed by email within 3 weeks of the application deadline, with copies to the Departmental Chairs.

At the end of each year of the project, your team will be responsible for providing a 1 – 2 page progress/status report outlining the deliverables accomplished and the challenges faced. For projects that are longer than one year, receipt of this status report will be necessary by a certain deadline (communicated to your team at the time of the project is approved) before funds are released for the next year of funding. Students may be asked to present their project at an appropriate Faculty of Medicine forum such as the monthly Graduate Chairs and SGS Dean meeting or the annual GLSE Faculty Retreat held in June.

Further Questions
Please direct your questions to Rachel Zulla, Graduate Affairs Officer at