Graduate Professional Development Resources

IMMPress Article - Are we Prepared? A Student Review of the Graduate Professional Development (GPD) Course
IMMPress Letter - Letter to the Editor: In Response to 'The Many Paths Post-PhD'
Science Careers - A Graduate Course in Professional Development
University Affairs - Lessons Learned from a Graduate Course on Professional Development
University Affairs - Training the Trainers on Graduate Professional Development
Success After Graduate School by Drs. Nana Lee and Reinhart Reithmeier
Making professional connections in a virtual world | University Affairs
Hot off the press, coauthored by two FacMed PhD Students, Chloe Mitchell and Ashton Trotman-Grant and Dr. Nana Lee: Training the Next Generation of Scientists Right Now: Challenges and Suggestions - CSPC

GPD1 The Why
GPD2 Career Stories
GPD3 The What and How
GPD4 Step One: Reflection using the IDP
GPD5 Options After Graduate School
GPD6 Step 2 Meaningful Engagement
GPD7 Informational Interviews
GPD8 Step 3 Storytelling: Marketing You
GPD9 Storytelling: Networking
GPD10 Storytelling: The Job Application
GPD11 Storytelling: The Resume
GPD12 Storytelling: The Cover Letter
GPD13 The Interview
GPD14 Three Minute Thesis Tips
GPD15 Time Management
GPD16 Conflict Management
GPD17 Work Life Integration
GPD18-Mentorship and Expectations
GPD19-Reframing Failure
GPD20 EDI, Unconscious Bias, Wellness
GPD21 Next Action Plans
GPD22 Class Activities
GPD23-Your First Publication
GPD24-Workshop Ideas for Conferences
GPD25-Creating the Career
GPD27-Booking an Appointment
GPD29-Meaningful Engagement by Graduate Students
GPD30 - Career Chat with Jethro Prinston, MSc
GPD31- Career Chat with Dr. Peng Leong
GPD#32 Career Chat with Dr. Julie Shi
GPD33 Dr. Gregory Block, PhD

GPD34 Dr. Elizabeth Gray, PhD

GPD35 Dr. Tina McDivitt, PhD

GPD36 Dr. Peter Lee, MD PhD MPH

GPD37 President Darryl Vaz, MSc MBA

GPD38 Drs. Michael DiDonato, PhD & Grace DeSantis, PhD

GPD Arts #1 - Michelle's Dance

GPD Arts#2: In Memory: Remembrance Song for Flight 752

GPD Arts #3 - Dorrin's Paintings

GPD ARTS #4 "You Will Be Found"