Graduate Professional Development Resources

IMMPress Article - Are we Prepared? A Student Review of the Graduate Professional Development (GPD) Course
IMMPress Letter - Letter to the Editor: In Response to 'The Many Paths Post-PhD'
Science Careers - A Graduate Course in Professional Development
University Affairs - Lessons Learned from a Graduate Course on Professional Development
University Affairs - Training the Trainers on Graduate Professional Development
Success After Graduate School by Drs. Nana Lee and Reinhart Reithmeier
Making professional connections in a virtual world | University Affairs
Hot off the press, coauthored by two FacMed PhD Students, Chloe Mitchell and Ashton Trotman-Grant and Dr. Nana Lee: Training the Next Generation of Scientists Right Now: Challenges and Suggestions - CSPC

GPD1 The Why
GPD2 Career Stories
GPD3 The What and How
GPD4 Step One: Reflection using the IDP
GPD5 Options After Graduate School
GPD6 Step 2 Meaningful Engagement
GPD7 Informational Interviews
GPD8 Step 3 Storytelling: Marketing You
GPD9 Storytelling: Networking
GPD10 Storytelling: The Job Application
GPD11 Storytelling: The Resume
GPD12 Storytelling: The Cover Letter
GPD13 The Interview
GPD14 Three Minute Thesis Tips
GPD15 Time Management
GPD16 Conflict Management
GPD17 Work Life Integration
GPD18-Mentorship and Expectations
GPD19-Reframing Failure
GPD20 EDI, Unconscious Bias, Wellness
GPD21 Next Action Plans
GPD22 Class Activities
GPD23-Your First Publication
GPD24-Workshop Ideas for Conferences
GPD25-Creating the Career
GPD27-Booking an Appointment
GPD29-Meaningful Engagement by Graduate Students
GPD30 - Career Chat with Jethro Prinston, MSc
GPD31- Career Chat with Dr. Peng Leong
GPD#32 Career Chat with Dr. Julie Shi
GPD Arts #1 - Michelle's Dance

GPD Arts#2: In Memory: Remembrance Song for Flight 752

GPD Arts #3 - Dorrin's Paintings

GPD ARTS #4 "You Will Be Found"