GLSE Video Competition Winners

Yahan Yang, Nutritional Sciences (Undergraduate)
Shocking Secret on High Sodium Foods: Relationshio Between Sodium and Price
Some customers select their food based on price instead of how healthy it is. Given the fact that high Sodium is bad for health and many Canadians are over-consuming salt, I want to know if there is a relationship between a product’s Sodium content and its price. And the founding was that in processed meat and soup categories, products higher in Sodium tend to be higher in price as well.

Ellen Langille, Molecular Genetics (Graduate)
Identification of Tumor Supressor Genes in a Mouse Model of Breast Cancer
Breast cancer can arise when cells in the breast acquire mutations that inactivate tumor suppressor genes. Recently, sequencing of breast tumors has identified many mutated genes, but we don’t know which are true tumor suppressors and which are bystanders. The goal of my project is to identify genes that act as tumor suppressors in the breast. To do this, we disrupt genes we think may be involved in human breast cancer in a mouse model using CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing. This method allows us to specially target genes we see mutated in patients to test their role in mice. These mice then develop tumors which we sequence to identify what gene is mutated and therefore which genes are acting as tumor suppressors. We are now investigating the genes we have identified with the hope that they can be targeted by therapies which could then be applied to human patients.