GLSE Leadership Conference 2021

Leadership Conference 2021

Leading You, Others, Together

Date: Thursday, June 17, 2021 1-5PM EST

1:10 - 2: Leading Others with Emotional Intelligence Dr. Elizabath Gray, PhD, Medical Affairs Leader, Eli Lily

2:10-3: Concurrent Sessions

  1. How to communicate your science and create a communications team: Nick Demers, Chlose Mitchell.
  2. Be the Best YOU - Student WEllness: Grace Jacobs, Dustin Ammendolia, Lazar Jovanovic, Aleksandra Marakhovskaia, Alaa Alsaafin, Setayesh Yazdani, and Alison Jee.


  1. The Unwritten Rules of Career Sucess - the Importance of Mentors: Dave Wilkin, Dr. Kelsie Thu, Michelle Dubinsky, Peter Norris. 

4:10-5: Leading Into the Future Together

An interactive brainstorming session of how to solve leadership concepts within your work or career development facilitated by design thinking methods by expert Dr. Nana Lee. Bring all of your challenges and be prepared to share potential solutions from all student leaders in the audience!


Leadership Conference 2021 Take-aways on Concurrent Sessions

2:10-3 pm

How to Communicate your Science and Create a Communications Team

  • Why oral communication matters in biomedical sciences
  • How to improve your own story telling skills
  • How to improve the communication skills of a larger group (ie. your department)

Be the Best YOU - Student Wellness

  • The importance of building resilience to improve your well-being in graduate school.
  • Benefits of a digital toolkit to promote graduate student wellness.
  • Creative ways to engage fellow graduate students in discussing mental health.

3:10-4 pm

The Unwritten Rules of Career Success - the Importance of Mentors

  • Role of mentorship in effective leadership
  • How to leverage mentorship for career success

Impactful Decision Making - To Science and Beyond

  • Identify what type of decision maker you are
  • Gain skills surrounding effective decision making and roadmap construction
  • Develop ideation skills to add diversity and creativity to your solutions and decision making roadmap