Glossary of Acronyms

BBDC: Banting & Best Diabetes Centre
BESA: Biomedical Engineering Students' Association
BGSU: Biochemistry Graduate Student Union
BCL: Biochemistry
BUSS: Biochemistry Undergraduate Students' Society
CAMH: Centre for Addiction & Mental Health
CCR: Co-Curricular Record
CCBR: Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research
CIHR: Canadian Institutes of Health Research
CLMPSA: Confederation of Laboratory and Pathobiology Students' Association
CLN: Career Learning Network
FoM: Faculty of Medicine
GASP: Graduate Association of Students' in Physiology
GLSE: Graduate and life Sciences Education
GFD: GLSE Faculty Development
HBSU: Human Biology Student Union
ISA: Immunology Students' Assocation
RSGSU: Rehabilitation Sciences Graduate Students' Union
h2i: Health Innovation Hub
IBBME: Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering
IGSA: Immunology Graduate Students' Association
IMM: Immunology
LMP: Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology
LMPSU: Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology Students' Union
IMSA: Institute of Medical Science Students' Assocation
LSCDS: Life Sciences Career Development Society
MBGSA: Medical Biopbysics Graduate Students' Association
MBP: Medical Biophysics
MGSU: Molecular Genetics Students' Union
IMS: Institute of Medical Science
MGN: Molecular Genetics
MGSA: Molecular Genetics Students' Association
NUSI: Nutritional Sciences
NSERC: Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council of Canada
NSSA: Nutritional Sciences Students' Association
OC: Office of Communications (Faculty of Medicine)
OGS: Ontario Graduate Scholarships
OSOT: Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists
OSOTF: Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Funds
OTS: Ontario Trillium Scholarships
PCL: Pharmacology & Toxicology
PGSA: Pharmacology Graduate Students' Association
PT: Physical Therapy
PTSA: Phacmacology and Toxicology Students' Association
PSA: Physiology Students' Association
PSL: Physiology
QEII-GSST: The Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarships in Science and Technology
ROSI: Student Web Services
RSI: Rehabilitation Sciences Institute
SGS: School of Graduate Studies
SLP: Speech-Language Pathology
SSHRC: Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada
TAHSN: Toronto Academic Health Sciences Research
TRC: TAHSN Research Committee
TTC: Time to Completion
WBI: Weston Brain Institute
WHO: World Heatlh Organization
VCGS: Vanier Canadian Graduate Scholarships