Cadia Chan, Molecular Genetics

Cadia ChanCadia Chan Year of Study: 2
Student’s Name: Cadia Chan
Graduate Department: Molecular Genetics

Country of Residence: Canada

Why Faculty of Medicine?
As one of the most central research hubs in the country, the faculty of medicine at UofT provides a fantastic collaborative and interdisciplinary environment to solve important and interesting biological questions with the newest technologies available. The widespread research expertise among the faculty really drew me in since I knew this would provide many opportunities to be exposed to diverse areas of research alongside other skilled, passionate and supportive students.

Why this Department?
With current technologies allowing for the increasing availability of large-scale datasets, I knew coming out of my undergraduate degree in biochemistry that I wanted to be able to apply my background in biology to gain insight from these datasets. I found that Molecular Genetics offers a specialized program with emphasis on applying quantitative approaches to solve biological problems. The Computational Biology Molecular Genetics (CBMG) program offered is designed to train students to be able to combine computational analysis methods with molecular biology knowledge to perform interdisciplinary research.

Current Research Experience:
I am currently working to generate a comprehensive regulatory network which explains the molecular mechanisms by which sex differences in the pituitary gland arise by integrating multiple datasets assessing different layers of genetic regulation. Clinically, including sex as a biological variable is important for assessing drug response, efficacy, as well as disease diagnosis. However, the molecular mechanisms by which sex differences in the pituitary gland arise are not clear. I hope that my research will help understand sex-specific characteristics of pituitary gland function which include regulation of growth, metabolism, reproduction and stress response.

Future Education Plans and/or Career Goals
In the future, I want to continue in the field of biological research and contribute to our understanding of fundamental biology and disease. In particular, I want to be able to apply the skills that I have gained in data analysis to bioinformatic career opportunities in either academic or industry environments.

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