Biosafety Training Requirement

Effective 2019-2020, any graduate students in the Faculty of Medicine, who fall into at least one of the two categories below, MUST complete the Laboratory Biosafety Training course (EHS601 ) and co-requisite WHMIS course (EHS101 ) offered by the University of Toronto:

1) work in a wet lab on St. George Campus as part of your graduate program; and/or

2) employed as a Teaching Assistant (in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto) and conduct their TA responsibilities in a wet lab on St. George campus.

Completion of these courses is in addition to any other biosafety training required and completed at your research training centre (e.g., affiliated hospital).

Such graduate students must complete these courses prior to commencing work in a wet lab on St. George Campus, as a graduate student or as a TA in which duties take place (partially or fully) in a wet lab.


1.  All FIRST TIME users (e.g. new students) MUST set up a 'MyEHS' profile as soon as you are registered in your graduate program.

2.  UofT Biosafety Refresher (EHS602 ) and WHMIS Refresher (EHS112 ) courses must also be completed should work in a wet lab on St. George Campus continue beyond the expiry date of the initial EHS courses - Biosafety is refreshed annually, while WHMIS is done every three years.

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