Applying to Thesis-based Graduate Programs at Temerty Medicine

1. Explore and Evaluate Graduate Programs

Research and review admission requirements for each program carefully.

2. Choose Your Program

The next step is to proceed with the application process

3. When Should You Apply?

Check the department website

4. Complete Online Application Package

(Available online via the School of Graduate Studies at
- Online Application Form
  CDN $120 application fee (non-refundable)
- Personal/Research Statement of Interest
- 2-3 references
- Official Transcripts
- Curriculum Vitae

Master's (MSc) Programs

An honours BA or BSc bachelor's degree from a recognized university.  Check the department for GPA requirements.


Check with the department if incoming students are responsible for finding a supervisor prior to applying or if there is a rotation program.

PhD Program (Direct Entry)

Some departments admit highly qualified BSc graduates directly to the PhD program (minimum A- average required).

PhD Program
A MSc degree from a recognized university (minimum A- average required)

Funding Information

Students eligible for base funding are advised to apply for awards prior to acceptance into the program.  In addition to financial aid, students may apply, students may apply for other financial opportunities, I.e., teaching/research assistantships.

Admission Requirements

Check with the Graduate unit if a Graduate Records Examination (GRE) is required as part of the program.

Language Requirements

Applicants who have completed their degree at a recognized institution whose language of instruction is not English, are required to provide a recent English-proficiency test scores (less than two years).

Offer of Admission

Please check with the department

What if you don't get in?

Given the level of competition in graduate programs, it is important to have a backup plan.  Make your application stronger and reapply in the next session.  Contact the program admission staff and/or faculty to talk about ways to make your application stronger.