Rosettia Ho

Rosettia Ho, Genetic Counselling

Student name: Rosettia Ho
Program: Master of Science, Genetic Counselling, University of Toronto, Class of 2020
MSc Thesis Project: “Finding the certain in the uncertain: parents’ perspectives after the return of variants of uncertain significance from multigene panel testing for hearing loss”
Principal Investigator: Nada Quercia, MSc, CGC, CCGC
Co-investigators: Cheryl Shuman, MS, CGC, Dr. Robin Z. Hayeems, Dr. Karen A. Gordon, Dr. Sharon Cushing, Dr. Dimitri J. Stavropolous, Dr. Lauren S. Chad, Dr. Blake C. Papsin, Dr. David Chitayat

Following the completion of her Master of Science in Genetic Counselling, Rosettia began working as a Genetic Counsellor at London Health Sciences Centre in her hometown of London, Ontario. There, she has the privilege of serving patients and families in both the Prenatal and General Genetics settings.

In addition to her clinical work, Rosettia has a special interest in exploring the psychosocial impact of genetic test results on patients and their families. During her time in the Master of Science Genetic Counselling Program, her research project explored parents’ perspectives after the return of uncertain genetic test results related to their child’s hearing loss. This study found that collectively, parents report resilience after the return of these uncertain genetic test results and perceive value in genetic testing. This study provided insight into uncertainty management strategies for parents and providers to utilize, which will inform the return of uncertain genetic test results for patients and families in the future.

Having previously completed a research-based Master of Science where she aimed to elucidate the genetic basis of rare diseases, Rosettia also has a strong passion for rare disease discovery and innovation. In her spare time, Rosettia continues to stay involved in this research through participation in CARE for RARE – a pan-Canadian team focused on improving the care of rare disease patients both in Canada and across the world.

In the future, Rosettia hopes to become more involved in teaching, education and awareness initiatives. She is currently involved as a member of the Canadian Association of Genetic Counsellors Annual Education Conference Committee. She has also had experience teaching through the University of Toronto and Western University. Her dream is to be able to give back to the Genetic Counselling Program at the University of Toronto by becoming involved as a clinical instructor in the future. Further, she hopes to become more involved in her community, spreading awareness about the unique role and importance of Genetic Counsellors in the healthcare realm.

Rosettia is deeply grateful for her education through the University of Toronto Genetic Counselling Program. She feels fortunate to have been trained by a renowned group of supervisors, instructors and mentors. Although she finished her degree during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, the Genetic Counselling Program provided unwavering support and guidance, which enabled her success in the program and beyond.

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