Robert Walsh

Robert Walsh, Physical Therapy

Rob completed his Masters of Science in Physical Therapy (MScPT) at the University of Toronto in 2020. He is currently working at the Toronto Academic Pain Medicine Institute (TAPMI) at Women’s College Hospital as a physiotherapy resident. In this role he treats patients one on one and co-facilitates group treatment sessions including physiotherapy exercise and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).

Utilizing his ten years of mindfulness training, Rob is passionate about bringing together the disciplines of physical therapy and mindfulness as a way to enhance clinical outcomes and support the well-being of patients and clinicians. He is currently part of a team working to integrate mindfulness into the University of Toronto Physical Therapy (MScPT) program. As part of this work he is co-developing curriculum, co-delivering mindfulness sessions to students and faculty, and assisting in mentoring faculty on the integration of mindfulness into lectures, small group cases and exams. He is also currently offering mindfulness training for clinicians in private and public healthcare settings and is part of a team delivering mindfulness based interventions for teens living with chronic illness at the Hospital for Sick Children.

Life-long learning is a strong value that Rob holds and he plans to pursue postgraduate coursework in various areas to support his clinical practice. He is currently training at Brown University to deepen his knowledge of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), the gold standard in mindfulness interventions for people living with chronic pain. This training is made possible through the University of Toronto Department of Physical Therapy Olive Wallace Pester Fellowship in Physical Therapy. He is also pursuing advanced orthopaedic training and is interested in deepening his knowledge of pain science and various movement modalities that can be applied clinically.

Rob hopes to pursue a career that allows him to partner with both patients and clinicians to support personal wellbeing and clinical outcomes. He hopes to provide equitable and accessible physical therapy, working in partnership with patients as they explore managing pain and functional limitations. He also hopes to continue his work bringing mindfulness to students and clinicians as a way to support their wellbeing and the implementation of mindfulness in the clinical setting.


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