Amanda Khan

Amanda Khan, Insititute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering

Student Name:  Amanda Khan, MD/PhD candidate
Supervisors: Dr. James Drake (Surgeon-in-Chief and head of Neurosurgery, Sick Kids Hospital) and Dr. Teodor Grantcharov (General Surgeon, St. Michael's Hospital)
PhD Thesis: Defining the Relationship Between Mechanical Stress and Inadvertent Intestinal Tissue Injury in Laparoscopic Surgery

My PhD work in surgical and biomedical engineering involves quantifying the amount of compressive stress force it takes to injure delicate gastrointestinal tissues such as the small bowel intraoperatively with laparoscopic graspers. This is an important question to answer because inadvertently using too much force can injure tissues and lead to serious complications such as necrotic bowel or sepsis. My research has found that the range of compressive grasp forces we are currently using in the operating room today has the potential to seriously disrupt the outer layer of the intestine and lead to post-operative complications. We must therefore move towards developing and using sensorized graspers that can quantify and alert the surgeon, intraoperatively, when grasp force limits are exceeded to avoid bowel injury.

Here is a list of the top awards I've won during my degree:
- Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship
- Canada's Most Powerful Women - Top 100 Award, Future Leaders Category
- Canadian Medical Hall of Fame - Student Award for Innovation/Leadership
- Sick Kids Hospital - Perioperative Services Innovation Grant
- Faculty of Medicine Ankle Innovation Award
- Mary Cassidy Award
- Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Award and I was featured on CBC's Canada's Smartest Person, Season 2.

I graduate from medical school in 2020 and hope to match to radiation oncology for residency and become a clinician-scientist who treats patients in clinic while also performing cutting-edge research in radiotherapy planning, treatment and quality assurance.

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