Adam Rosebrock PhD

Adam RosebrockExcellence in Undergraduate Life Sciences Laboratory Teaching Award

Affiliation(s):     Donnelly Centre for Cellular + Biomolecular Research, Department of Molecular Genetics

Context(s) for Award:     Sustained excellence in the teaching, coordination and/or development of laboratory-based instruction in formal Arts and Science life sciences laboratory courses.

Dr. Rosebrock joined the Donnelly Centre in 2011 and began teaching in the Department of Molecular Genetics, immediately setting about making a mark on our undergraduate education program. He is highly dedicated and has a deep sense of mission, and has been tireless in his efforts to engage with the students and find ways to improve their learning experience. His students describe him as having an exceptional capacity to engage students and foster enthusiasm for learning. He is an instrumental innovator of the new course MGY360H1 (Whole-Genome Sequencing and Analysis Laboratory) and is described as an educator who has the ability to build rapport with students and encourage cutting-edge techniques in research.