GLSE Talks: One Minute Video Competition for Undergraduate and Graduate Students Deadline: July 26, 2019

Jun 11, 2019
GLSE TalksCompetition Overview
The Graduate and Life Sciences Education Office is holding a video competition for all undergraduate and graduate students undertaking a research project. This competition invites students to showcase their ongoing (or potential) research project in a brief and creative one-minute video presentation.

The video should touch on three points:

  • What is the research problem you aim to solve
  • What progress have you made / what do you expect to achieve in your research
  • How do your results translate to the greater public?


  1. Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in Basic Science Departments or Institutes in the Faculty of Medicine.
  2. Only Faculty of Medicine students of the University of Toronto may submit entries.
  3. Each student is permitted to submit only one (1) entry for consideration.
  4. You are allowed to have other students and faculty involved in the video but there needs to be one student focus

Submission Guidelines:

  • Clear, concise lay language
  • One (1) minute video (max)
  • Over one minute will be disqualified
  • Original student research
  • If participants are included in the video, ensure proper consent has been taken. Please find attached the Photo/Video Release Form
    * All video entries will be posted on the GLSE YouTube channel
    * Please abide by your institutional and research ethics board media guidelines.

Voting Instructions:

  • All the videos will be posted on the GLSE website and students, faculty and staff will have the opportunity to vote for the top best video for Undergraduate and Graduate.
  • The top undergraduate and graduate video will be featured as a research profile on
  • The competition will provide the students an opportunity to highlight their research work at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto while practicing essential presentation skills.

The aim of this competition is to effectively communicate research to the community in a straightforward approach.

Competition Deadline:
June 12 – Competition Opens
July 26 – Competition Closes
July 29 – August 16- Online Judging Opens
August 21- Winners Announced

Submission form and video to be sent to Natasha Lowe
Administrative Coordinator, Life Sciences Education
Graduate and Life Sciences Education

For further information and questions about the competition, please contact Natasha Lowe