Career Centre Extern Shadowing Opportunities for Life Science Students from June 5-18th

Apr 12, 2017

Dear Students,

You are invited to participate in the Extern Job Shadowing Program, running from June 5th to the 18th! The program matches students with professionals within the community for short-term job shadowing placements, lasting anywhere between half a day to five days during the Extern period. Whether you’re interested in exploring a career as a midwife, a pediatric respirologist, or want to learn more about what else you can do with your degree, the Extern program can help you with your career exploration process!

In order to participate in the program, please visit and sign up for a mandatory Extern Job Shadowing Orientation via the CLN Events & Workshops Calendar, happening at the end of April and early May. If you have any questions or concerns, please email Carol Lam, Coordinator of Career Exploration programs at

Many thanks!
Carol Lam
Coordinator, Career Exploration
University of Toronto Career Centre  |  214 College Street, Toronto, ON. M5T 2Z9
Tel: 416-978-7764 | or

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