GLSE Graduate Recruitment Student Group

“I am very happy and fortunate to have been a part of the GLSE recruitment student group. Working with other life science students on a project together and having a role in thinking of ideas and implementing them was an amazing learning experience. I would highly recommend others to get involved in the GLSE if you want to make a difference for other life science students by increasing the accessibility to information about graduate school options.“ Brianna Chan, Undergraduate Student

"I loved being a part of the GLSE student recruitment group. I had the opportunity to help run events and I was also able to meet many new people. It was a great learning experience!" Louiza Azzouz, Undergraduate Student

"As a former undergrad student at the University of Toronto, I see the value in the Graduate Shadowing Program. Students are given the opportunity to appreciate the work, commitment and dedication that graduate studies entails. Furthermore, it was an absolute pleasure to provide guidance and perspective to our aspiring future scientists as they maneuver through their studies while simultaneously discerning what the next step will be post-graduation. It is my sincerest hope that they all benefit from their undergraduate experience and enjoy success in their future endeavours." Mauricio Umana, MSc Candidate

"I have made new friendships as a member of the GLSE student recruitment group, meeting people from all different years of university, in different programs. It has been a great, educational experience, and has showed me how much effort really goes into organizing all of the events at U of T. It has given me extra appreciation for the U of T community." Katy Tiper, Undergraduate Student

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