Looking for Volunteers for GLSE Recruitment Student Group (Receive Co-Curricular Record) Deadline August 4th

Aug 4, 2017



Dear Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Graduate and Life Sciences Education office is looking for undergraduate and graduate student volunteers for the Second Annual GLSE Recruitment Student Group to help with various activities throughout the Fall and Winter term.  I am looking for 10 dedicated volunteers, members of student associations are welcome to apply.  I would like to put together a group by early September.

If you are interested, please send one page reason why you want to volunteer, why you would be a good volunteer and your resume to natasha.lowe@utoronto.ca by August 4th.

These are the following activities I will need help with:

  • Attend monthly meetings to discuss goals, objectives and new initiatives
  • GLSE Events
  • Promote events
  • GLSE Shadowing Program (Reading week and July)
  • Answer student inquiries
  • Announce upcoming GLSE events at classroom lectures
  • Post posters across various campuses (UTSC, UTM, UTSG)
  • Participate in the Undergraduate and Graduate Student Ambassador Program
  • Promote Excellence in Undergraduate Faculty Teaching Awards

General duties as required

Graduate and Professional Schools Fair

  • UTM – Wed, Sept 20 at 10am-2pm
  • UTSC – Thur, Sept 28 at 11am-3pm
  • Human Biology Graduate School Fair – October TBA

Sixth Annual Undergraduate Research Information Fair Considering Graduate Studies
Thur, Nov 9 (9:00 am – 2:30 pm)

Graduate Integrity Research Workshop
Date TBA in the Fall

GLSE Resume/CV Seminar
Date TBA in January

Co-Curricular Record
Students participating will be recognized on the Co-Curricular Record (CCR). The CCR produces an official record that highlights your experiences and skills developed for opportunities beyond the classroom.  This opportunity will help you build skills, meet peers, explore your passions, and find balance.  Each volunteer is expected to set 5 goals that they would like to take from their volunteer experience and prioritize their time as to how they are going to achieve these goals.

The student will need to be flexible with their time and available to receive a Co-curricular Record and volunteer a minimum of 40 hours; however failure to meet these requirements will result NOT receiving a CCR.  To meet these requirements, you need to be available for almost all of the tasks listed above and evaluated on your effort.  Time sheets and weekly updates will be mandatory.

Students can use CCR in a number of ways. You can attach the CCR to your resume for employers or bring it to an interview, attach it to your application for graduate and professional programs, and submit it for grant/bursary/award applications. You can also use your CCR to help you prepare for your interviews, to help you write your cover letter, resume, personal statement, and applications.
For more information, visit ccr.utoronto.ca

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