Student’s full name: Richard You Wu
Supervisor’s full name and title: Dr. Philip Sherman (Senior scientist, Cell Biology Program, SickKids Hospital)

PhD thesis (title and brief overview)

Student’s Name: Razan Bouzeineddine
Country of Origin: Ontario, Canada
Pre-MSc/PhD Education: Honours Bachelor of Science in Human Biology & Psychology, University of Toronto

Research Experience

Student’s Name: Lisa Shao
Program: Master of Science, Department of Molecular Genetics

Student’s work, scholarships/awards, current position, future plan and career goals:

Student Name:  Amanda Khan, MD/PhD candidate
Supervisors: Dr. James Drake (Surgeon-in-Chief and head of Neurosurgery, Sick Kids Hospital) and Dr. Teodor Grantcharov (General Surgeon, St. Michael's Hospital)
PhD Thesis: Defining the Relationship Between Mechanical Stress and Inadvertent Intestinal Tissue Injury in Laparoscopic Surgery